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Blogging about great DESIGN!

An old friend I visited the other day asked me a question. ” How does this room look now? I got these new lamps and tables, matching and moved these two chairs in here.” The answer was, the room looked beautiful. Her home is beautiful. The had one problem, it was too symmetrical. It was too balanced. This is an imprecise sense of harmonious or aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance. It was almost perfectly balanced with a beautiful frame of drapery and a full width window behind the love seat. This is a small parlor like room off of the kitchen. So, we went to work as we often to when I visit. The next thing you know we are moving an old french ladies writing desk from the second bedroom upstairs into this little perfect room. A few more additions and subtractions and the room had this perfect asymmetry one always wants to strive for in the room. My friend is going to fix the old french, cabriole leg chair that matches the desk. It was in need of repair as many antiques are. The desk is a wonderful color red. This is the last piece of my story. By moving some color into this room, life was infused. Transformations in a home can happen anytime. In fact, they should happen frequently. The space you live in is not set in stone. Shake it up from time to time. What fun!

A visit with a friend.